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Things You Should Know Before you go For A Nose Job

Nose is the most important feature on you face. If it’s deviated or small or large or broad, then it affects your personality and looks. Rhinoplasty or a Nose job is an aesthetic surgery procedure that will help to beautify your nose and thus maintain proportions and features of your face. If you are looking for a nose job and coming to us at The Plastic Surgeons, please be advised to go through this blog. It will certainly help you to clarify many of your queries before we even meet.

1. Is it possible for me to get a nose like that Celebrity

The actual Answer is NO. Surprised???!!!  

Yes, we at The Plastic Surgeons insist on having realistic expectations. Every face is different because of different skeletal framework. So it is possible to alter the same according to your framework only. Creating an exact replica is impossible, but to beautify your nose according to your framework is possible. The Plastic Surgeons help you to get the best of you for you.

2. Will I have desired result immediately?

Again, the answer is NO! It take some time may a few weeks to a couple of months to a year.  This varies from person to person. For more details, please read our blog “WHAT TO REALISTICALLY EXPECT AFTER A NOSE JOB”.

3 Will people be able to tell if I had done something?

People will appreciate the beauty of the face for sure, but it will be difficult for them to notice that you had done something to your nose. We aim to achieve this subtle change by our fine art and surgical skills which we have acquired over the years or travels and and training.

4. Can men get it done?

Nose jobs, is for everyone as each person has the right to look perfect  beautiful, smart and attractive. With the increasing trend of selfies and presence in social media, number of men coming to us for rhinoplasty is steadily increasing.

5. I do smoke, should I go for surgery?

To avoid complications and to avoid longer down time, it is recommended to stop smoking till everything heals.

6. What are the other Procedures I can opt for?

We at The Plastic Surgeons assess you facial proportions and many a time your jaw needs to be altered as well. You can opt for chin augmentation, Jaw line surgery for the beautification of your face. 

7. What are the difference between Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty can include a Septoplasty as a part of the procedure to correct a breathing problem. 
Septoplasty is done when a patient has a deviated septum which is the curtain between two nostril cavities. It straightens your septum and is a functional correction.
Rhinoplasty or Nose job is an Aesthetic or cosmetic procedure to beautify the external nose.

8. Will it be covered under Insurance?

Septoplasty can be covered under insurance as it is a functional problem. Simple Rhinoplasty won’t be covered under it. A post Traumatic deformity might be covered under it, but is subjective to your insurance company.

Well, The Plastic Surgeons hope that we have answered your queries. Join us for your journey to an Attractive Nose. With our best wishes!!!!!

Does Plastic Surgery offer any solution for me after Bariatric Surgery

In this digitalised world when everything is available at the click of your finger, the sedentary lifestyle has increased, so thus the number of pateints with morbid obesity has increased. Thus increasing the rend of Bariatric Surgery. The heer happiness of losing fat with bariatric surgery meets disappointment at the end because of loose hanging skin and residual fatty deposits.

In the end when the pateints weight stabilises, the mental trauma and depression patient has, is the same which was there before bariatric surgery.

We The Plastic Surgeons  are commited to help you at this journey by providing you with Body Contouring  Surgery.

The options which The Plastic Surgeons  offer are

Lower Body Lift
Upper Body Lift
Total Body Lift

Lower Body Lift: The Plastic Surgeons adresses your 
Tummy (read, Thighs ( read ) and residual area which are haywire.

Upper Body Lift : The Plastic Surgeons adresses your 
Back (read , 
Arms (read
And face and neck 

Total Body Lift:

The Plastic Surgeons have a team of international Plastic Surgeons, who with their experience , expertise and team work are able to do all the above mentioned lifts in one go.

For further questions read our blog “ 10 Things To Know Before Body Contouring Surgery”

Best Wishes from The Plastic Surgeons to lose your flabby skin.

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The Truth About Non-surgical Nose Job | The Plastic Surgeons | Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center



The nose is one of the most important beauty defining areas of the face and a non-surgical rhinoplasty will definitively rise the levels of patients satisfaction due to the instant results, quick time procedure and recovery and most of all to the reduced cost compared to a full rhinoplasty.

Non-surgical Nose Job or liquid nose job is a quick treatment used to modify and improve the shape of the nose. It is also called Injectable Rhinoplasty because it uses the same hyaluronic acid gels (fillers) to correct saddle, flat or bumpy nose, to make the nose appear smaller and sharper and also to fix the depression in the glabellar area (between the eyebrows) or an indentation due to a scar.

Liquid nose job is an amazing tool for patients who don’t desire to undergo to a surgical procedure in general anesthesia (rhinoplasty) for different reasons ( medical, financial, time constraints) even if full rhinoplasty has permanent and functional outcomes (i.e. corrections of deviated septum and others breathing issues.) and it can make a nose smaller.

The Plastic Surgeons Clinic

Sometimes patients prefer liquid nose job prior to full rhinoplasty to see how it can be the cosmetic outcome and the shape of a new nose.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is considered a lunch-time procedure that can be done with numbing cream, pain is very little (the tip is the most sensitive area) and patients can go straight back to work with little of bruising and redness.

Since most cosmetic injectable are temporary, the cosmetic result of a liquid nose job can last to three months up to one year before patient decides to commit to a permanent filler or to a full rhinoplasty or keep doing this procedure. 

As every cosmetic procedure, the use of fillers on the nose carries risks as swelling, bruising, bleeding, which will last eventually up to one week. The blood supply of the nose is quite weak and different from the other areas of the face in the sense that if a whole bunch of filler is injected into the tip or nostril, the skin blood supply can be cut off .For this reason it is advisable to speak to your doctor about their experience with non-surgical nose-job and be sure they outline potential risks.

If you would like more information on the Non-surgical Nose Job, or if you would like to schedule a consultation here at The Plastic Surgeons, please CONTACT US.

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Myths About Liposuction | The Plastic Surgeons | Bandra Mumbai

Plastic Surgeons

Liposuction is a good option for patients who have been unable to remove fat from specific areas of their bodies through normal exercise and healthy diet. It removes unwanted fat from target areas

(That typically include the chin, cheeks, neck, arms, legs, abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, knees, calves or ankles), leaving minimal scars approximately 1¼ cm long. 

Liposuction is one of the commonest aesthetic procedures performed in India. Here some of the most frequently debunked myths.

1. If I get liposuction to one area, fat will come back in other areas

The Plastic Surgeons Clinic

It isn’t true. This is how it works.

 By the end of your adolescence, your body forms a certain number of fat cells that don’t multiple after that and they can only expand or shrink depending on your fat intake. So after liposuction, you have a fewer number of fat cells. You can still eat fatty foods and what fat cells you have left after liposuction will absorb that fat.

However, the fat that you take into your body isn’t smart enough to say, “oh, they did liposuction to the abdomen, so I’m going to go to the arms.” It doesn’t work that way. Your body is genetically predisposed to have more fat collect on the hips or the thighs or wherever. We’re all a little different. So whether you’ve had liposuction or not, fat will continue to deposit in those same areas. Simply having liposuction won’t change your genetic predisposition and therefore won’t change where your fat tends to deposit. It also a fact that after a liposuction performed in certain area, if you gain weight, it is very uncommon that you can get fat in the treated area like you used to do before liposuction.

2. Once I get liposuction, I can eat whatever I want and not get fat

You can, but you shouldn’t. Liposuction IS NOT a way to lose weight.  it is a way to motivate yourself to work harder to stay in shape. Eating more after liposuction won’t increase your number of fat cells, it’ll just make your REMAINING fat cells swell.

3. Liposuction can treat cellulite

Not possible. Cellulite, the dimpling often seen on the outer thighs near the buttocks is not caused by fat only. There are fibers that extend from the deep tissues of the thigh up to the skin. Those fibers pull on the undersurface of the skin, and the fat in between those fibers give the skin that characteristic dimpling. So if you only get rid of fat, the fibers and the dimples will still be there. The treatment is to cut the fibers. There are several treatments for this but the problem is that the fibers can regrow and reattach to the undersurface of the skin and it’s not clear how long the improvement lasts.

4.   You’re left with sagging skin after liposuction

Luckily, if you have good quality skin with lots of collagen and recoil, the skin will tighten after liposuction. But it’s also up to your surgeon to exercise good judgment to know when you have so much skin that you need the skin removed (like in a tummy tuck) vs. Liposuction only. And contrary to popular belief, laser liposuction does not tighten the skin better than regular liposuction.

5. Liposuction is an easy way to lose weight or cure obesity

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

While you certainly do lose a few pounds with aggressive liposuction, that’s not the point. Liposuction is there to help sculpt your body, not weight loss. In fact, removing too much fat in an effort to help you lose weight can be dangerous. By removing too much fluid, you can go into an extreme case of dehydration calling hypovolemic shock. Even if you don’t know exactly what that means, it certainly sounds bad. So don’t go through lipo to lose weight. Do it for the right reasons.

6. Anyone can perform liposuction.

cosmetic surgery

Many general practitioners, beauty spas and other non-specialists do offer liposuction,

Often advertising bargain prices and quick results. But only a board-certified specialist in aesthetic plastic surgery is guaranteed to have the high level of training and expertise that will give you the best results.

At ThePlastic Surgeons, Dr. Vinay Jacob & team performs Liposuction surgery, he is considered as one of the best doctor for liposuction in Mumbai. He is not only nationally, but internationally recognized for his work.

ThePlastic Surgeons clinic in Bandra, Mumbai is the most cost-effective destination for your Liposuction Surgery procedure. Here Procedures are performed as per International standards at Indian prices.

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